Do Anxiety And Stress Make Your Liver Sick?

Do Anxiety And Stress Make Your Liver Sick?

A Happy Liver Equals A Life Of Abundance.

SO……. Stress And Anxiety make your liver sick….?

The answer is YES!

According to Clara Cohen from the Aqu Pro Academy,  stress affects the Liver FIRST, as it tightens and stops the flow of Qi (Chi) and THE SMOOTH FLOW OF QI IS VITAL TO A HEALTHY LIVER.

And according to Dr. Julie Hein Ball, who is a Liver transplant surgeon at Mayo Clinic, it is the fastest-growing dis-ease today, and initially, you may not even know that you have it.

We all think that Liver issues are only related to excessive alcohol use and partying too hard, and although this is a very real cause, it is NOT always the case.

We all experience anxiety and stress on a daily basis. But due to the Covid pandemic and during the lockdown, the number of people suffering from CHRONIC anxiety and stress has escalated, and health issues have taken its toll on a large percentage of the population worldwide. The liver, as we know now is targeted when you’re chronically stressed.



Your liver has MORE than 400 plus functions in your body.

First and foremost, your liver acts as a filtration station for your body. 

Your liver absorbs nutrients, and stores these nutrients until your body needs to use it as energy.

Your liver purifies your blood and also stores blood for energy purposes.This is particularly important for the ladies who suffer from very heavy and painful or erratic and irregular menstruation, which normally relates to distorted liver Qi.

Your Liver neutralizes toxins, and converts the toxins into harmless substances or eliminates them from your body.

For twenty-four hours a day, your liver takes in unclean blood, filters it, and refreshes it. It then releases clean blood back into your body.

Your Liver is also a VERY important organ for a well-functioning metabolism, so if you gain weight easily and struggle to shed it, or if you struggle with BELLY FAT, your LIVER is probably UNHAPPY!!  

Your liver produces bile which is necessary for breaking down the fats in food, and stores glucose to use as energy, but the more inflammation you have in your liver, the less it can produce the correct amount of bile that aids in your digestion. And the more your digestion is compromised, the more of a “leaky gut” you will have.

The more inflammation there is in your body, caused by a sluggish liver that cannot detoxify your body properly, the harder your adrenals will have to work to produce cortisol. Keep in mind that your adrenals will already be fatigued if you are stressed and anxious. The “underproduction” of Cortisol will result in suppressing neurotransmitters such as Gabba, Dopamine, Serotonin, and Melatonin, which in turn cause more anxiety. IT’S A VICIOUS CIRCLE!!!



Here are some  symptoms directly related to an UNHAPPY LIVER and directly linked to stress and anxiety.

And I must mention that I have FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE of these symptoms…..ALL OF THEM!

If you have any chronic issues with movement or stiffness in your tendons, ligaments, or joints, or for instance, if you suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, then your Liver may very well be the culprit, (not that the LIVER is ever the culprit, but you know what I mean). The liver controls sinews, that’s why movement in those areas will be affected.

The Liver is also the “pathway” to your eyes and controls your tears. So, if you have chronic teary eyes or chronically red eyes, this could definitely indicate that your liver is congested.The Liver is also the “pathway” to your eyes.

If you’re feeling “stuck” and you are not able to plan or strategize, you may want to look at the possibility of an unhappy liver. This means that you will also have difficulty setting goals, or completing projects.

If you struggle to have a vision for the future, or you’re not being able to strategize, or if you’re having difficulty in setting goals, then you would not be able to see projects through and make decisions. 

If you are sighing a lot, (and you will probably don’t know that you are), then it DEFINITELY indicates stagnant liver Qi. And as weird as it sounds, listen to yourself or others and you will KNOW the difference between a “normal” sigh, and frequent sighing.

When the smallest meal or even just a glass of water makes you feel bloated and you are chronically bloated, you would definitely be checking for a congested liver. And as a matter of interest, a congested liver more often than not go hand in glove with gut issues.

Chronic Constipation. (Often related to stress anyway).

A lot of people suffer from CHRONIC neck and shoulder tension, often accompanied by stiffness and pain in the back trapezius area. These are very common symptoms when the flow of Qi is erratic due to a congested liver.

The FIRST symptoms that should give you a clear indication of an unhappy liver are anger tantrums, feeling frustrated, being impatient more than usual, and having a short fuse.

I have a wonderful way of knowing when to do a liver check…..if I get mad at the plastic bag for not opening, then IT’S TIME!

So, if you’re feeling resentful about the smallest things and you’re moody or snap the stick at an ant crossing you’re path……then IT’S TIME to pay attention to your liver. 

Below is a very effective tool to help you DETOX FROM EMOTIONS AND FROM ANXIETY!


Your liver is known as “the seat of emotions”, and in particular anger. Anger DISRUPTS the function of the liver.

Insufficient dispersion of blood by the liver leads to the emotion of irritability, which stems from anger and ANGER FUELS LIVER DISEASE, so it becomes a vicious circle.

This is the part where I’m going to tell you not to despair…..

It may look and feel gloomy, BUT there are wonderful and effective ways to deal with ALL OF THIS and will be discussed later on in this article.

If you’re clumsily walking into door frames or bumping into them as if you’re balance is compromised, or you are droppings things, feeling disconnected and “in a bubble” with difficulty in concentration, then you more than likely have a congested liver. Stagnant liver Qi can cause compromised balance in every area.

SO…….How do we get a congested liver?

First and foremost…..STRESS AND ANXIETY are the MAIN reasons for getting your liver in a knot!

COMFORT FOOD goes hand in glove with stress and anxiety, that’s why I call it “anxiety snacking”. The fact of the matter is, most people “comfort eat”, and the REASONS for that is a topic for another article. We reach for the sugary and carby foods because they taste good. Most unfortunately the liver takes the brunt and we suffer the consequences.

TOXINS are not that easy to avoid completely in the environment we find ourselves in today. Toxins are in our food, our cleaning materials as well as in our skincare and hair products. It’s in perfumes, candles, and in our workplace, it’s everywhere and comes in many different forms, it’s in the air we breathe and in the water we drink. It IS possible to eliminate toxins to a large extend from your living environment, and your life, IF you wish to become that dedicated.

So, the more toxins your body is exposed to, whether it’s stress, food, or the environment, the harder your liver has to work to remove them. Eventually, your liver becomes sluggish and congested, and your health problems become chronic.


Here are some ways to Detox Your Liver Naturally:

1. I would honestly say, that REDUCING your stress and anxiety is the MOST IMPORTANT to start with. There are fantastic ways and many tools that work extremely well to minimize stress and anxiety. It just takes a bit of discipline and commitment. Your anxious brain is a big part of the problem here. If you learn how to “de-stress” your anxious brain, you will be in a good place already!

2. Grievances and un-forgiveness lead to resentment and anger and is toxic to every area of your life. As I’ve mentioned earlier, the liver is THE SEAT OF ANGER. LET IT GO! (your anger, not your liver). Find ways or a counselor to help you with this, but do it! You will NEVER have a happy liver (or life for that matter), if you have unresolved or residual anger. Trust me on this, I’m SPEAKING FROM EXPERIENCE.

3. It becomes exceedingly difficult for your liver to do its job when you pack in the sugar. I suggest you keep your sugar intake to an absolute minimum, and even better if you can cut it out completely. This is by far the most unpopular tip, but VERY NECESSARY! If sugar cravings are getting the better of you, (and trust me, I  KNOW ALL TOO WELL about sugar cravings) then find some easy recipes for substitutes that will help you through this. Here is a recipe for….

Easy Banana, Oats and Apple Snack Bars.


2 Cups of Rolled Oats.

2 Mashed Bananas.

2 Grated Carrots.

1 Grated Apple.

1 Cup unsweetened Applesauce.

½ Cup chopped nuts of your choice.


Preheat the oven to 350F (175degrees C).

Mix all the ingredients together.

Spread evenly into a 9 x 13 inch (22 x 33cm) baking tray. Use a little butter or Ghee to grease the pan.

Pop in the oven and bake until golden brown. Cut into bars. 

Sugar does not just mean, sugar in your coffee or tea, it means hidden sugars that lurk everywhere. Fructose is sugar, and as a matter of interest, very high amounts of fructose are found in corn syrup which is the main ingredient in soft drinks. Most refined carbs like pasta, bagels, bread, and muffins are major culprits in containing CORN SYRUP. I love to refer to the three C’s, most commonly consumed by us comfort eaters, CAKES, COOKIES, and CANDIES!!!  These, ALL break down to sugar in your body and feed the “fat making factory” in your Liver and believe me, it doesn’t take long to show up in your body as symptoms.

You cannot outrun the metabolic effects of a “poor” diet.

The sad news is that it effects as much as ten percent of our children as well.

4. Healthy fats like Avocado, Coconut oil, Ghee, and Olive oil are imperative to a healthy liver AND it helps A LOT with not getting sugar cravings.

5. Beet Kvass is an all-time favourite and is easy to make. It helps your liver rejuvenate and it tastes yummy. Drink a small glass (around 150ml) of beet kvass on an empty stomach in the morning. You will FEEL the difference after a few days….I PROMISE! See the recipe below.

Recipe for Beet Kvass.

Three to four small Beets.

One tbsp sea salt or Himalayan salt.

Glass jar or Ceramic pitcher.

Cut the Beets into quarter pieces and place in a jar. Cover the Beets with water and add the salt. Cover the jar with a clean cloth and stand in a cool place for three days. Remove the Beets and keep in the fridge. It will keep for about three days. Drink 150ml every morning on an empty stomach.

7. Water…water…WATER!! I cannot stress enough how important hydration is. Fluid hydrates your liver, herbal tea, and fresh lemon juice in tepid or warm water are also fluids, but nothing beats water.

REMEMBER….ALCOHOL  DE-HYDRATES! So it doesn’t count as a fluid. (I sense some sad-faced readers here…).

6. Organ meat is definitely helpful, but there are many people who cannot stomach organ meat (me, for one!), or who are vegetarian, and fortunately, there are many really good supplements on the market. I must stress though, that supplements are exactly THAT! It supplements, it DOES NOT FIX! Here are two products that I have tested and found trustworthy and helpful.

8. Castor oil packs are VERY EFFECTIVE and it’s a gentle way to help your liver decongest. It’s also an excellent way to wake up your lymphatic system, so it can support your liver with detoxifying. You can do a castor oil pack once a week, to begin with, and work your way to three or four times per week until your liver feels happy again.

Here is the EASY recipe and method.


Good quality Castor Oil, preferably packaged in a glass bottle.

Flannel pack or a 100% cotton cloth also works well.

An towel not used otherwise.

Hot water bottle (not a heating pad as it can burn)


Soak the flannel or cotton cloth with castor oil.

Place the castor oil pack over your liver area (just above your rib cage under your right breast).

Place the towel over the top of the castor oil cloth and then place a hot water bottle on top of the cloth.

Leave on for an hour and take that time to relax.

PLEASE NOTE:- DO NOT do castor oil packs if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have an IUD or during menses.

Last but MOST IMPORTANT….As detox is a parasympathetic process, you need to find time to rest. Go to bed earlier, meditate for 5 or 10 minutes, but make time to get physical rest. The parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for your body’s rest and digestion response when your body is relaxed, resting, or feeding. It basically undoes the work of the sympathetic nervous system which is in overdrive when you are stressed or unwell.

 It makes it much more difficult for your liver to do a detox job when you are constantly fatigued. Other organs, like your kidneys and your lungs, are supporters to your liver in this cleansing endeavor, and they all work optimally when given rest.

Suffering from anxiety or depression could carry an increased risk of death from liver disease, a study suggests. The study is the first to identify a possible link between high levels of psychological distress and deaths resulting from a variety of liver diseases. May 19, 2015

Research AND STUDY done by science daily

So, the risk of liver disease definitely relates to stress and anxiety and is a REALITY.


I have used so much of the Medical Medium’s advice and in particular

from the book, Liver Rescue. The information in this book is really well written and has changed my life!

Will you take the time to give the ” unsung hero” in YOUR body,

a chance to be happy again?



Please leave your comments below and DO NOT HESITATE to ask any questions,

I will do my VERY best to answer them.