Your heart is a pump and that pump sends blood throughout your body. The blood provides your body with the oxygen and very complex nutrients that it needs, and it also carries away carbon dioxide and waste products from your body. That just about sums up what we are taught about your heart. 

Now, let’s look at some other very interesting facts about your heart that is often ignored.

It has been scientifically proven that you have a “2nd brain”, and it’s in your heart, often referred to as “the little brain”.

It has been reported that heart transplants can and often do, also “transplant” some of the donor’s characteristics, such as food and music preferences, feelings, and fears. 

Your heart has 40 000 neurons, also known as nerve cells, that communicate with your brain all the time.

Fifty percent of your heart cells are neural and they form their own neural network.

There are hormones in your heart that your heart sends into your bloodstream.

Your hearts has a magnetic energy that is about 5000 times more powerful that your brain.

Your heart has a magnetic field that extends up to 6 feet away from the body.

Your heart has its own brain and your heart has intelligence.

These are proven facts and this knowledge has changed everything in terms of how you can use that intelligence, to connect with yourself in a very amazing way, because of your sentient heart. 

Learn to synchronize your heart, brain and emotions.

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What do you really know about the wondrous complexity of your BRAIN? 

We are taught that our brain is a very complex organ and it is the center of the nervous system. Your brain generates enough electricity to power a light bulb and your brain contains more or less 100 billion microscopic cells, which we refer to as neurons, and the neurons are responsible for creating and sending messages.

There are facts which you might NOT KNOW about your brain.

Your brain has 1 quadrillion (1 million billion) connections referred to as synapses that wire your brain cells together and they actively process information all the time.

Your brain has about 30 percent of your blood, pumped, and received from your heart. 

Your brain uses about 20% of your body’s energy. Social and emotional learning changes the brain, and the brain is the organ that changes, in response to experiences.

There is an amazing CONNECTION between your heart and your brain……

Let’s take a look !

There are electromagnetic signals that travel from your heart through your bloodstream to your brain and back again all day long. EVERY single FEELING and particularly EVERY EMOTION affects the electric field between your brain and your heart. Your heart is the largest generator of electromagnetic signals in the body, and these signals affect your physical body in some way or another. Your heart will literally “beat out” different emotional messages.  The sophisticated collection of neurons in your heart are organized into a small complex nervous system. 

Your information processing centre in your body is your heart, and your heart sends information to the brain, with 40 000 neurons in your heart that communicate with every organ in your body. Those neurons tell your brain what chemicals to release in your body. So, YOU REGULATE your heart through feelings, emotions, and beliefs. The heart sends the signal to the brain and the brain releases the chemical to match the signal. 

Every aspect of who you are on a physiological level is dependent on the signals from your heart. Your heart is like a master synchronizer, the conductor that orchestrates the symphony. Your feelings and emotions can elevate your well-being, or it can shut down your immune response and rejuvenation, all from the messages your heart receives from your feelings and emotions.

For instance, Atrial peptide is a hormone from your heart that reduces the release of the hormone cortisol. It also reduces the stress in every part of your being. “Negative” emotions like anger, judgement, and anxiety cause that magnetic field to be incoherent, while emotions like compassion, caring, appreciation, and love produce a co coherent magnetic field. This electromagnetic field contains frequency, and the frequency comes from your emotions. 

All these emotions broadcast electromagnetic energy to every cell in your body. Even strong collective emotional intentions will have a measurable impact on the earth’s geometric field. Mass human emotion affects that geometric field, that’s how powerful your heart is. That’s why GROUP prayer and meditation change collective vibration.


Are you living from the neck up, disconnected from the rest of your body?

Your HEART is where your emotions are BIRTHED. Where the villain wreaks havoc or where the hero puts on its cape to rescue the victim. Your heart is the place you go to for answers when you don’t know what to do. When you decide to make your heart your most reliable guide and your best friend, you create a place for peaceful negotiations!

How do you do this? ……. with HEART FOCUSED BREATHING.

Your physiology changes instantly, and you generate uplifting emotions when you focus on breathing from your heart. The communication that goes from your heart to your brain, and back to your heart through the nervous system, improve. This opens up the higher perceptual centres in the brain, which means hormones are being released from your brain that regenerates your cells. You will feel more calm and peaceful and definitely less stressed, and your nervous system becomes more synchronized. Every cell in your body sends neurological information to the brain. 

Through HEART FOCUSSED BREATHING, you activate your heart to starts producing Atrial peptides, which release cortisol and hormones like oxytocin known as the “love chemical”. Oxytocin signals nitric oxide and nitric oxide signals another chemical called EDRF, (endothelial-derived relaxation factor) which causes the vessels in your hearts to swell,(ever heard someone say, “My hearts swells with pride” ) This brings energy to your heart, causing a feeling of elation and exhilaration.

Breathing through your heart and into your brain.

According to the HeartMath Institute, the heart amplifies energy in the brain when you do Heart Breathing. When the heart is elevated during the breathing, it resets the brain and starts to suppress anxiety in the brain. The heart also “resets” the Amygdala, which plays a very important role in your emotions, memories, motivation, and ultimately your behaviour. When your heart is co-coherent, it starts beating rhythmically and brings your brain and body into homeostasis. It takes 10 to 20 seconds to connect with the rest of your body when you’re heart and brain are co coherent, and slowing down your breathing slows down your nervous system. For more information, please visit

Here is a rather simple exercise which doesn’t take long and anybody can do it, AND the benefits are amazing! You will enter a state of coherence in about a minute with these simple steps. 

Step 1 – Heart Focus.

Focus your attention on your heart, which is the area in the centre of your chest. Place your hand over the centre of your chest, as this will help you to keep your attention in the heart area. 

Step 2 – Heart Breathing.

Breathe in your normal way but deeper and lightly slower. “See in your mind’s eye” how your breath enters into your heart when you inhale, and how it goes out of your heart when you exhale. Feel your breath flowing into your heart as you inhale and feel the breath leaving as you exhale. Continue to breathe a little slower and deeper with ease until you find your rhythm.

Step 3 – Heart Feeling.

This is the most important step. Keep focused on your heart and your breathing and find something to feel GRATITUDE for. Find a pleasant memory of a special place, a special person, or a pet you feel love for.

Break free from ANXIETY once and for all!


Bring your emotions, body and mind into balance.

When do you use this breathing technique?

This technique is very powerful, and can be used anywhere without looking ridiculous, so it comes in very handy when your’e in situation where you are feeling anxious or frustrated or sad or depressed, and you need to calm down and get into a co coherent state. It will create positive changes in your heart rhythm and it will send powerful signals to your brain. This technique can also be used if you need more clarity before a meeting and is used by many sports men and women to give them speed and fluidity. It will greatly benefit you, doing this every day even if your’e not in panic mode, as it will enhance your state of peace and harmony. This is also a brilliant technique to use just before starting a meditation. 

Once you’e starting using this technique, you will not go without it!