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A very warm hello to every reader. I have immense empathy and sympathy for people that suffer from anxiety, and I have a passion for helping anxious and depressed people find ways to get their life back! I am skilled in different protocols to alleviate stress and anxiety and have MANY tools in my toolbox to accommodate those who find themselves caught up in the BIG BLACK HOLE of anxiety, depression and other related conditions. It IS a journey, but it NEED NOT BE a long or lonely one !


You will ever work on…

My Story.

Coming from a rather dysfunctional family and abusive background, I was an anxious child, adolescent and adult, so needless to say, I LIVED IN HELL!  My entire 24 hours in a day, every day, was filled with drama. My whole outlook on life was filled with doom and gloom and my whole being was crying out in fear and desperation. That was life and that was normal….MY NORMAL. I never made friends, hid from social engagements and fed of the joy of others, wishing I could be like them, always thinking and BELIEVING that there was something VERY WRONG with me. Yet, most people saw me as the happy go lucky person who had it all together.  I think I wrote the song “I AM A Great pretender” !


Only after my second divorce from a twenty-year marriage and several miscarriages and two stillbirths in between, did I face the FACT, that I was DESPERATELY DEPRESSED! So, this took a good thirty-something years for this to surface in MY reality. My journey to doctors and psychologists began when my desperation and longing for peace and joy became greater than my misery. Suicide attempts, tons of tablets and  session after session just lead me to more hell. There were bad days and there were VERY BAD DAYS!! The promises of getting “better”, became empty and my now severe anxious and depressed being was my only companion……yet again.

If Only I Knew.

Many moons have since passed, and many hours in classrooms learning how to “fight the good fight” has passed. Dozens of workshops on “how to change your reality” took up hundreds and hundreds of hours. I eventually did a course in Psychology, many courses in Energy Medicine and a whole long list of different protocols, in an attempt to “remedy” my life. All of this helped for a short while, but then the gloom would return, the moods would creep up again and the anger tantrums would escalate. I was always a fervent warrior in “finding truth”, and one day during a wrestle session with my inner self, I FINALLY had to face the fact, that I HATED WHO I WAS, in fact, I DIDN’T EVEN LIKE MYSELF!! To cut a VERY LOOOONG story short, my journey of true self discovery had led me to truths that set me free from a 40 plus years of emotional, spiritual and mental hell. I learnt that knowledge may be power, and learning more and more is not at all a bad thing, BUT….. I asked one question, What is my purpose and why am I here? The answer did come to me, that I AM love and there is NOTHING TO FEAR. The answer was WITHIN me!  My search began once again, and my journey continued, but THIS time, a glorious and joy filled one. I am not saying, I NEVER get gloomy days, we’re all human, but I know how to find my out of it! So many anxious and depressed people could change their lives by starting a journey of SELF DISCOVERY. The answer is TRULY within YOU!



I found my purpose, and what a glorious one it is! My purpose is TO BE THE LIGHT, and my heartbeat is to guide, support and lead people into the reality, that life doesn’t ALWAYS have to be wayward. You are NOT a victim, you ARE a conqueror, irrespective of your past or your circumstances! That it is an illusion, that your lot in life is to merely survive. That YOU can fall in love WITH LIFE, and that your life doesn’t have to be filled with continuous drama! You can overcome challenges and learn to deal with anxiety!! I would love to be part of YOUR journey because…


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