I have been waiting patiently to write an article on Covid, as I decided right at the beginning that I would first observe, the behaviour and the state of being of the people, and everything in between.

I somehow knew that the lock down was not going to be a done and dusted thing in a month or two, and I also somehow knew that life as we knew it for the last decade would NEVER be the same again. It saddens me greatly, to see just HOW MUCH it has changed, not just personal lives, but customary routine in businesses and of course the grim state of world wide economics. It has certainly brought things to the surface that may have been there all along, but not as intensified.

Let’s just call it by it’s name……FEAR…FEAR AND MORE FEAR!!! It has definitely brought FEAR to the surface!

As if the human race did not already have enough stress and anxiety! The uncertainty and retrains that came with the lock down has definitely made everybody realize, that life can change literally in the blink of an eye. It has brought with it, frugal and cautious living for most and sadly a total collapse for others. It has demanded of people to re-assess their family life, their place of work and their social life. It has imposed changes that we would not have otherwise contemplated. The changes that were involuntary brought about are profound, and as we know, change does not come easy for the majority, especially if something worked quite well in a normal routine way.

there are people that have lost loved ones and businesses, that have to deal with loss and immense anxiety.  There are families who have Covid survivors, that have to follow certain protocols in the hope that their health will return, which gives anxiety another meaning altogether. It is very different for everyone, but seriously raises stress levels beyond what some can take. Many people are still struggling through change and loss, and are merely taking it day by day in the hope to survive and restore!

I am happy to say, that there is a large percentage of people that have decided that change may not be such a bad thing, and have embraced the idea of finding ways to morph into a divergent direction or to navigate into uncharted waters. The one thing that everybody has in common at this time, is that we have all been close to, or are at THE TIPPING POINT.

The fact of the matter is………..Stress, Anxiety and Depression has more than tripled in the last 6 months.

But, I first want to make one thing very clear, I AM NOT HERE TO TALK ABOUT THE NEGATIVE EFFECTS THAT COVID AND THE LOCK DOWN HAVE ON OUR LIVES. I am merely stating the obvious, to bring you to the harsh reality that if you are not willing to change direction then at least be willing to change YOUR MINDSET! Your MINDSET is THE ONE THING, that YOU HAVE ABSOLUTE CONTROL OVER, and that is your MOST POWERFUL TOOL RIGHT NOW!

So, this article is to help you take a different stance, on what could be perceived as a rather gloomy situation.



NEVER MIND my future…..

how can I brighten my NOW?…..

A mind That Is Stretched By A New Experience, Can NEVER Go Back To It’s Old Dimensions.

From: The Armed Forces of Light.

This is not a “ten steps to fixing” your life, or knowing all the answers. Your “NOW” will become brighter IF and when YOU become BRIGHTER!

The first thing that is super important to face, is the reality that NOTHING, WILL EVER BE THE SAME AS BEFORE AGAIN! Once you cross that bridge, or even start to build that bridge, your’e more than on your way. And with change always comes CHALLENGE! For most people, challenge is something they avoid, but in THIS INSTANCE it is something to “embrace”.

If you can’t embrace it…..then hold it in front of you and at least look at it, start a conversation with it, make it an acquaintance until you can canoodle with it!

And THAT will only happen when you relinquish the FEAR OF CHANGE, the fear of the unknown and the fear of loosing control!

Isn’t that what it’s all about? …….LOOSING CONTROL!

THE FEAR OF NOT BEING IN CONTROL truly manifests, when every aspect of your life suddenly takes a hundred and eighty degree turn, a paradigm shift, necessitated by unplanned circumstances. In YOUR mind, you HAVE TO BE IN CONTROL, because that means you are being responsible for your decisions, your actions and your life! And that is not at all a bad thing. The problem appears, when we fight to keep being in control despite the circumstances that “force” us to change direction suddenly and swiftly. This is a GUARANTEE for raising stress levels and a GUARANTEE for INCREASED ANXIETY!





I have found that even though six months have passed already, there are still many people that are only now deciding that it’s time to switch gears, as nobody really knew where the whole lock-down was going or how long it was going to last. Many were hoping that it would end soon and that everything will be as it was, so that life could resume were it left of. Be it as it may, we are all challenged in one way or another. So, here are a few tips for those of you who are in that place of exploration and don’t quite know where to start.

As difficult as this may seem, try not to go into panic mode. As “normal” as this reaction is, fear and panic numbs your thinking and you make irrational decisions.

Start by accessing the situation in a practical manner and be realistic about the facts. Your “battle” seems a lot easier when you know your “enemy”.

Make lists of the pro’s and con’s regarding the changes that you would have to make in your circumstances. It will help put things in perspective.

Never make a decision when you are emotional about the situation, be it anger or feelings of despair, or when you have a grievance toward the person or people involved.

Look for the positives in what you perceive as negatives.

Find a method or tool that will help you breathe easier and bring some stress relief.There are lots of different tools available on this website, that will be very helpful in dealing with stress and anxiety.

If your business has diminished, or you have been retrenched, then it’s time to think outside the box. Make a list of ALL the things/hobbies you enjoy and are good at, that could possibly generate an income. Choose the things that you have to spend the least money on to get started.

If you don’t have a hobby, but always wanted to do something that you never had time for, now is the time to explore those avenues.

There is a vast amount of on-line “jobs” and/or entrepreneurial opportunities to embark on. ON-LINE IS THE FUTURE. Don’t for a moment feel disorientated or absent if you are not familiar with this. You do not have to be proficient in computer skills, as there is a plethora of communities and websites that offer very good FREE training.

There are so many things, that can be discussed about this time you find yourself in, and it’s tough, make no mistake…..

BUT, one thing is for sure, you are faced with a “newness” that is challenging, yet exiting!

It’s just a matter of finding your “sea legs” on a stormy sea!

There is still so much beauty…

Find your solace in it…..

MY take on Covid…..

I am excited about the future of our planet. I know this sounds weird, because all the changes that this pandemic has brought have been challenging, to say the least! And there are people that have lost loved ones and businesses that have to deal with loss and immense anxiety, as I have mentioned in this article.

It is very different for everyone, and we all have personal and different stories to tell.

I myself is part of the re-inventing group, as our business was tourist related and of course, as the tourism doors and borders closed, so did our doors close. Not a welcome experience at all, as it happened at a time when our business was just about to be profitable, for the first time since we opened our doors, in just under two years. Hubby had to become even more innovative than before, and had to change the point of compass. To top it all, we had literally been fighting for his life until just a few months before Covid struck. Stress levels were high and challenges da plenty! Never the less, we both have immense gratitude that the tide of his health turned when it did, since crossing borders on a weekly basis to get to doctors etc., would have been beyond what our stress levels would have endured. 

I am ABSOLUTELY convinced that although the lock-down has totally spiraled out of control, and some people are riddled with fear due the uncertainty of it all, there are immense blessings in disguise. Some families, who were “forced” to lock down together have made new connections with each other, despite the initial challenge of spending hours and hours together totally out of the norm. Businesses have been “forced” to change direction, and grasp the nettle, beyond what they even though possible. Entrepreneurs are “forced” to re-invent themselves as it where, and stretch their abilities to create something new, that will once again reach viable levels of economic restore and personal fulfillment. 

There are people that are job less, homeless and feel worth less, and for that I am truly sorry, but hope that those who are not, can be of some service somewhere. I have seen more team work, camaraderie and empathy in communities than before, as if the energy of desperation brought with it a message to serve rather than being self-serving. 

This is truly a time to take stock of one’s life. To see the shadow side that needs more light, to own up to the overactive ego and be willing to ditch it. This is a time to see the reflection of true caring and love in yourself, by seeing it in others. It’s brought the realization that at the end of the day, we all need someone to lean on and more importantly be willing for others to lean on us. All of this will eventually usher in a beautiful, warm, loving and healing light!!