When the word meditation comes up, whether it is in conversation with a friend or in a group discussion, it is generally perceived as something only spiritual people can do! Some people think you have to be a nun or spiritual leader or that you have to sit with a monk on a mountain in Tibet. This is the furthest from the truth! The fact of the matter is, meditation doesn’t have to be a spiritual journey ONLY, OR AT ALL for that matter. The word meditation in Tibetan literally means…..” To become familiar with” (to know thyself). And that is exactly why I meditate, is to know myself. The fact that meditation has and is changing my world and my life all the time, in ways that astonish me, means that it’s worth sharing. Meditation in essence is a science. 


Energy is frequency and frequency carries information. It carries the information of all your thoughts, your anger, your sadness as well as your thoughts of joy and well-being. How often have you walked into a place and remarked that there is a good vibe?, or just had a bad feeling about something? You feel the energy and the vibration. Thoughts are the language of the brain and feelings are the language of the body. How you think and how you feel creates your state of being. If you keep living in a negative state of being, it will become so familiar to you, that you will “become” that negative being, and the same goes for a positive state of being. Your body is always emitting light and information, and every cell in body emits energy, so if you are negative and frustrated or sad and angry, you will have destructive interference. Matter (something that occupies space) does not create energy, energy creates matter. 


You spend about 70 percent of your life, living in a state of disharmony in some way or another, (under the “rule” of life as we know it). When your’e living in constant disharmony or survival, your survival gene gets activated. 

So, what does that mean? It means, that try as you may, you will always choose the worst case scenario out of all the possibilities and infinite potentials in the quantum field, because THE SURVIVAL gene is now running the show. When your’e in stress mode, you narrow your focus on the cause or the object and on matter. You are constantly busy analyzing your life when you’re in some disturbing emotion and when your survival mode is switched on, you won’t be thinking about how to calm your mind or emotions, you will be thinking about running or hiding. You have to be able to turn of the stress response because your body is using all of its vital resources during the time of stress. 

If you are always anxious, you will eventually condition your body to become the mind of fear, and if you keep doing that enough times, your mind becomes a subconscious program that will run over and over all the time, like every time you hit bad traffic or every time your’e running late, or every time you see the person that triggers your emotional buttons. You will eventually think that you need your outside environment to make you feel good or bad about your day. 

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But when you learn how to meditate, you will learn how to deregulate anxiety, down regulate the gene, and you will soon know, how NOT to be overcome by stress and anxiety from your outer environmentYou cannot use your conscious mind to bring this change, you have to move past the analytical mind to do this. You can only move past the analytical mind in meditation. 

Through meditation, you will learn how to be in a state of constant homeostasis. So you have to unlearn how to be your old self and re-learn how to become a new you, you have to break some habits. 

You cannot change matter with matter. Let’s just briefly look at what “matter” is…..matter is MATERIAL…anything that takes up space, it’s pure substance. In other words, trying to change things with your analytical mind, would be trying to change matter with matter. Only ENERGY can change matter PERMANENTLY, (the ENERGY that “manifests” during meditation is what changes matter). You can make a conscious decision not to fall into the same trap of anger or anxiety, and it will work for a short while, but you will fall again and again, because you have to change the old wiring in you brain and create new synapses in your brain, using the energy “created” in meditation. In other words, you have to re-wire your brain. What wires together fire’s together! 

Not making the same choices is undoubtedly the hardest part of change. Meditation is a way of reminding yourself of who you no longer want to be, and becoming more conscious of your choices. You will become more aware and more conscious of your old habits and behaviors, and it will become more difficult to return to your old self. Your analytical mind will start to change and your brain chemistry will change. You will get beyond your body and your mind and you will get beyond your environment and time, and then, and only then, will you connect with the quantum field….the place where all possibilities exist.

Changing your mind is a science, and you have to evolve your brain to change your mind. Dr. Joe Dispenza explains this in very simple terms in his book “EVOLVE YOUR BRAIN” . It will be a LIFE CHANGING experience for you!



Up to the age of 35 you have accumulated belief systems, other peoples perceptions and ideas that have molded your personality and character. Your’e brain is a record of all the things you have’e experienced and all events that have taken place in your life. The way you think neurologically and the way you feel chemically is what causes you to act in predictable ways, therefore you think the same thoughts and you make the same choices today, as what you did yesterday and every other day before that. You have the same behaviors which determine the same experiences. So, it is easier up to the age of 35 to change those belief patterns and behaviors, but certainly not impossible thereafter. Changing the hard wiring in the brain is possible even when your’e a hundred and three, it just takes more effort. 

When you meditate, you slow down your brain waves and different parts of your brain starts to synchronize. The front of the brain starts communicating with the back of the brain, the right side starts talking to the left side and what sinks in the brain, links in the brain.

The frontal lobe plays the major role, and it is your creative centre. It’s the boss of your brain, it’s the CEO and it’s connected to all other parts of the brain. When you start asking questions like, “how can I eliminate stress from my life ?” or “what would it be like to have a more relaxed life ?” or ” how can I make more money ?”, the frontal lobe begins to scan the entire landscape of your brain. It starts selecting different networks of neurons that are connected to all your past experiences and everything you have learnt intellectually, and it starts calling up the different circuits and pieces them together, to create a new level of mind. What an amazing masterpiece we have available to change our lives. 

You stop thinking when you meditate, and you no longer narrow your focus on matter, you are no longer activating the circuits that fire in-coherently. When you meditate, you become energy instead of being matter! 

Just like your old belief systems caused repetitive behavior, that made you miserable and dis-eased, new belief systems can be hard-wired to give you new life! If you keep knocking on that genetic door over and over again, you are going to begin to upregulate the genes for health and joy and down-regulate the genes for anxiety and disease. You will start to realize that you’re becoming a different person. 

There really is no excuse to stay the same ol, same ol drunken sailor! or the same ol, same ol impatient, angry and resentful broken pretzel. 

Ultimately, meditation and your brain will get married. 

Changing the neuro circuitry in your brain is your goal. Changing the hard wiring in your brain will signal new genes in new ways and will wire and fire your new future.The hard wiring in your brain will start changing into a software program, because what wires together fires together. And the more you meditate, the more you will see change, and it will become easier and easier to reproduce a new state of being. You can no longer blame your aunt, your teacher, your parents or your goldfish for your unhappy or diseased state of being!

Be committed to meditation and you will fall in love with life. 

The best way to start meditating is to be practical about it. No need to make this hard work or complicated.

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