We all have a bad hair day from time to time. We all experience ANXIETY from time to time. Situations and circumstances make sure of that. The car breaks down on your way to a very important interview…..you experience ANXIETY. An accident blocks the traffic flow and you will be late for the appointment ….you experience ANXIETY. The cat maimed Sandi’s hamster and she refuses to get ready for school so you are late for work……you experience ANXIETY. The stock market which you invested most of your savings in, just crashed……you experience ANXIETY. This is called…. LIFE. So, life is made up of friends and foes, positives and negatives, yin and yang, call it what you want……..ANXIETY EXISTS AND IT IS REAL. Fortunately your brain is beautifully assembled to switch gear to “fight or flight” mode at the time, and gives our bodies the correct messages that help us to return to an easier flow when the “danger” has passed. Some of us however, have trained our brain through repetitive stress to linger far too long in ANXIOUS MODE!!


According to the masters, it is quite alright to feel blue from time to time, but if you feel some or all of these symptoms on a frequent basis, then you are past blue and probably anxious.

The key to change is to Identify your state of being, identify the frequency and identify the source. 

If you suffer from the following symptoms or display the following habits, then it’s time TO BE THE PHOENIX!

1. Frequent headaches.

2. Frequent muscle and body aches and pains.

The Naipo Shiatsu massager is an easy way to deal with those sometimes debilitating anxiety symptoms.


3. Palpitations or panic attacks.

4. Insomnia or excessive sleeping.

5. Frequent emotional outbursts, like irrational anger or unexplained crying. 

6. Addictions to anything that makes you feel relaxed. Such as, alcohol, food, painkillers etc.



A constant stress response that does not turn off, will inevitably cause dis-ease. You are not designed to live in fight or flight mode for extended periods of time. Unfortunately you can get used to the effects of stress and believe it or not, you can become addicted to the chemicals released by your brain. Your emotions send a signal to your brain which releases a certain cocktail of chemicals and it becomes your “fix”. The adrenalin rush and the over production of cortisol, (among a myriad of other chemicals) will become your enemy. You respond in a certain way to certain events that take place every day. You are exposed to the same event, the same routine and the same people who press the same emotional buttons, and you are oblivious to your silent brooding disaster.

The danger here, is that your brain and body does not know the difference between a real event or your memory of it, playing the same “movie” over and over in your mind. So, even though the person that cut you off in traffic is something of the past, the memory in your mind every time you tell the story, has the same stress response in your brain and body. Over time, that stress response will become habitual. Eventually, you will start feeling that the ride is just too crazy for you, and the feeling of not coping will become totally overwhelming. Your brain will now be in overdrive and you will be permanently ANXIOUS! I

You may think that wearing the”badge” of the hero, always in control will afford you a medal, but the naked truth and harsh reality is that it just puts you in a constant fight or flight mode, creating a big pot of brewing neuro chemicals. The ferocious communication between the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland, ensures an overproduction of dopamine, adrenaline and cortisol. You become an adrenaline junkie until you CRASH, commonly known as adrenal burn out or a nervous breakdown. It DOESN’T have to go that far. YOU CAN LEARN HOW TO BE THE PHOENIX , HOW TO RISE AND HOW TO SOAR!

Listen to the URGENT message from your brain to your body, TO STOP AND……TO BE THE PHOENIX!.

Phoenix 2

Here are some tools that will help you TO BE THE PHOENIX.

1. Music is an incredible and effective way to reduce stress and anxiety and is so varied that there is truly something for everybody. Anything that soothes your soul will start to rewire the brain and that’s the beginning of change.

2. Exercise does not have to be jumping around in an aerobic class for hours on end if that’s not your thing. Nor do have to build tons of muscle, it but can merely be a stroll for you to truly connect with nature.

2. Dancing is seen to be one of the best ways to get the adrenalin flowing in a healthy way. It gets every part of your body moving and sends signals of well-being to your brain. The plus side to this, is that you can create your own “groove” as it were, and you can do it on your own or invite a friend to make it fun. 

4.  Lifestyle is super important If you suffer from anxiety. You will more than likely have an unhealthy relationship with sugar. It is a vicious circle, excess cortisol will be produced by your brain when you bathe in a stress response all the time and is the culprit for your cravings and your emotional binge eating.

5. Meditation is a super fast way to get anxiety under control. You don’t have to be a monk on a mountain in Tibet and you don’t have to sit in a certain pose and burn incense. You can if you want to and that does help some people get into the zone, but certainly not a necessity. There are really awesome short guided meditations, free on the internet. As well as meditation music that focuses on nature sounds, ocean sounds, bird sounds, rain etc., just to mention a few. (There will be a super helpful article focusing on MEDITATION later on)

6. Natural Remedies like Theanine, Rescue Remedy, Biral and literally hundreds of other very good products, are available and can be very helpful, to use as a stepping stone while you make other preparations to permanently ditch your anxiety.

7. Deep Breathing is an excellent way to calm the mind and body, and it is the perfect “natural cocktail” for lingering peace. This is an ancient technique that really works wonders in the brain and calms the storm almost instantly. We have lost our innate ability to correct breathing, and life in the fast lane has robbed us of our natural inheritance. There are so many professional practitioners offering free sessions online to get you started on this.


Your old habits WILL be “burnt to ashes” when you start making changes, but that’s necessary and need not be stressful. Each “death” you “die” becomes an opportunity to re invent yourself to a greater YOU. It is in your suffering that your previous beliefs will be called into question. As much as you would rather continue as the “old you” and have a longing for the familiar.….


The RISING from the “ashes” of your past, will rekindle the spark for your future. It will bring a new day and a new anxious free life and with it, it will bring freedom! You will know your power because no cage can imprison the Phoenix. 

Music is by far my personal favourite.