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Anxiety affects one out of five people every day and from ALL walks of life. 

Many people know that they are anxious and don’t do much about it, other than take over the counter drugs to get some relief, (and it’s normally temporary) because they don’t know enough about it, while others don’t know they are anxious and are treating symptoms caused by anxiety like chronic pain, insomnia and irritability among many other symptoms. The list is too long to mention them all. An even bigger percentage of people eventually seek help from medical practitioners, relying on them for effective ways to help them cope with just daily challengers, yet it’s merely survival. Now, please don’t get me wrong, I am not by any means suggesting that any of the above is wrong. What I am saying though, is that there are EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE ways to ditch anxiety permanently. 


The key to living a fulfilled life in and among all the challenging external circumstances is KNOWLEDGE! In this instance, KNOWLEDGE IS DEFINITELY POWER! If you know your “enemy” and it’s strategy, then YOU will have strategy and you will be ONE STEP “A HEAD” ! Knowing WHICH parts of your brain go haywire in your flurry and exactly how to use their assistance, can and will make a significant difference to your life. You will understand your “symptoms” and realize where it’s coming from.  So, let us take a look at some facts and plan some strategy to help you TRAIN YOUR BRAIN AND TAME YOUR ANXIETY . This doesn’t mean you have to go to med school or do a crash course on brain function. It merely means that when you know a little more about the main role players in your brain, you will feel more empowered to deal with your anxiety at first, and then learn how to walk in the freedom you desire. 

The following parts of the brain is far more complex than what I’m about to describe, but for the purpose intended I will keep it as simple as possible. 

The limbic System regulates emotions and consists of the amydala the hypothalamus, the thalamus and the hippocampus and sits on top of the brain stem. 

The amygdala contributes to emotional processing. When the amygdala is over stimulated, it triggers anger, fear, anxiety and aggression. When you are faced with danger, your eyes and ears sends the information to your amygdala which interprets the images and sounds and sends a distress signal to your hypothalamus.The amydala signals your central nervous system to release stress hormones like cortisol, norephinephrine and adrenalin when you face a threat. (We will discuss these hormones in more detail later on).

The Hypothalamus LINKS the nervous system to the endocrine system via the pituitary gland, so it regulates your FIGHT OR FLIGHT.  It’s main role is to keep your body in homeostasis and is thus responsible for communicating with the rest of the body, through the autonomic nervous system, which controls your involuntary body functions, like blood pressure, heart beat, breathing, appetite and body temperature. 

The Thalamus is quite a complex role player and acts as the gatekeeper…..the operations panel, the boss of communication with the cerebral cortex and the hippocampus and receives auditory, somatosensory and visual sensory signals. The Thalamus is also the main player in memory formation and emotional expression and controls sleep and awake states as well as your pain perception.

The hippocampus encodes emotional context from the amygdala and is responsible for the formation of new memories of past experiences and regulates motivation, emotion, learning, and memory. The hippocampus is in actual fact on both sides of the brain. You would not remember how to get to your favourite shop or remember where you live without the hippocampus. 

Now that you know a bit more about the amazing limbic system in your brain, you should also realize that when the limbic brain goes into overdrive, your emotions and physical well being threatens to malfunction. Perhaps you can now understand why you react the way that you do and why you experience anxiety. 

To have a Worry Free Mind you have to find a way to tame your anxiety.

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The more I speak to people that are battling chronic anxiety, the more I realize that most people don’t really understand, where the external manifestations, that are driven by anxiety come from. It’s not your EMOTIONS that cause your anxiety, it’s the short circuit in your BRAIN  that causes the feeling of anxiety. A chemical reaction takes place throughout your body that induces your anxiety. So, how are you going to TRAIN YOUR BRAIN to TAME YOUR ANXIETY ? The body has chemical messengers, called neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters are the molecules that the nervous system uses to transmit messages between neurons, or from neurons to muscles. At the end of each neuron is a tiny gap called a synapse. To enable communication to the next cell, the signal needs to cross the synapse. This occurs through a process known as neuro transmission. A neurotransmitter carries and balances signals between neurons, nerve cells and other cells in the body. The chemical messengers affects your physical and psychological functions, such as, your mood, your sex drive, your appetite, your heart rate, your sleep and off course fear. The constant work of billions of neurotransmitter molecules keep your brain functioning.

When your brain senses a threat, like being stuck in traffic or running late for a meeting or being involved in a family fude, you will go into anxious mode. A whole chain of events occurs to help your body react in order to keep you safe. Although things like public speaking and job interviews don’t pose an actual threat to your safety, the feeling of threat triggers the same response in your brain. Your fight or flight response is triggered and your system is flooded with neurotransmitters. Let’s look at the four neurotransmitters that play the most important role in stress and anxiety.  

GABA is the neurotransmitter, that slows down the nerve signals when they fire too quickly and reduces overwhelming feelings that cause your anxiety.

Norepinephrine is very involved in your fight or flight mode and deals with the stress response and fear. It constricts your blood vessels and raises your blood pressure when your anxious. The massive plus is that it is responsible for decreasing pain sensitivity.

Serotonin first and foremost helps you deal with anxiety. It also regulates your appetite, your moods your sleep and very importantly inhibits pain. Serotonin gives you confidence and a feeling of wellbeing.

Dopamine is very essential in your cordination and body movement. It plays a massive role in your executive functions like arousal, motivation and motor control reinforcement. Dopamine gives your a feeling of reward and pleasure. 


How many times have you heard…….YOUR THOUGHTS CREATE YOUR REALITY?

Most of us have the same or similar thoughts each day, “the traffic is going to be murder again, I really have to shed some weight, but that will probably never happen, I’m going to be late for work again, my partner never helps me, my boss is going to be grumpy again”…… and so we go on and on and on!!!  When you think the same thoughts all the time, it becomes hard wired in your brain. So, our same thoughts lead to the same choices which lead to the same behaviours, leading to the same experiences and eventually leads to the same EMOTIONS.  The same emotions INFLUENCES the way you think. The bottom line is, YOUR NEUROCICUITRY, NEUROCHEMISTRY AND HORMONES IS EQUAL TO THE WAY YOU THINK, THE WAY YOU ACT AND THE WAY YOU FEEL, because your brain has been conditioned with the same thoughts to produce the same outcome…….ANXIETY!!  So, isn’t it time to start thinking about….. WHAT YOU ARE THINKING ABOUT? Become aware of how you think and how you speak. You cannot expect to change your anxiety without changing your thoughts and behaviors. Nerve cells that fire together, wire together. You have to leave familiar territory to bring true change and positive thinking is not enough but definitely a VERY GOOD START.

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Our bodies are not meant to be in constant fight or flight mode or in a state of hyper alertness and chronic anxiety, as this will damage your energy powerhouse, which is your mitochondria. Constant anxiety will reduce your ability to metabolize and detoxify, hence so may people out there that “battle the bulge” no matter how hard they try, purely because they are constantly in a overflow stream of anxiety. Chronic anxiety increases cravings as well as increases your toxicity level in your body which makes it near impossible for your body and brain to be in homeostasis.

So, by now you are asking…..” how do I ditch anxiety for good” ?. The answer is simple, OUTSMART YOUR ANXIETY by breaking the old hard wiring in your brain and creating new wiring in your brain that will fire new thoughts and create new emotions.There are very effective ways to do this and it takes some work, but once you see and feel the difference, you won’t want to stop. In my next post, we will uncover the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.