If you are constantly frustrated, irritable, not sleeping, depressed, feeling fatigued, and dropping the ball all the time, then you definitely need to stop the bus, get off, and camp somewhere to recap your life…..YOU ARE AT THE END OF YOUR ROPE! The chances are VERY GOOD that you are suffering from chronic stress and that you are chronically anxious. That means that you are focused on how you are feeling and in CONSTANT SURVIVAL mode, and you will need to change your ENERGY!

Let’s first look at WHAT stress really is, and How it affects you!

There are three types of stress, and some of these affect you on a daily basis. There is physical stress like, breaking a leg, falling down the stairs, and car accidents.                             

There is chemical stress, like hangovers, bacteria, and viruses,

 and……. there is emotional stress like, traffic jams, divorce, moving home, losing your job, and single parenting.

All these stresses knock your brain and body out of homeostasis.  If you are experiencing one or more of these stresses on a continual basis, then you are headed for disease because your body and brain are constantly out of balance, Chronic stress pushes genetic buttons that create disease, BUT….changing your energy, changes your life.

How you think, how you act, and how you feel makes up your personality and your personality is your personal reality.

You can turn on your stress response just by thought alone, so If you are thinking about how bad the traffic is going to be before you even leave home, then that thought is already releasing the stress chemicals in your brain, and your body uses all its vital resources to survive. Your brain does not know the difference between the fabricated event (thoughts), and the real event (when it physically happens). That’s why people who literally live themselves into a scary movie, get sweaty palms and a racing heart. Those are the physical reactions that manifest when the stress chemicals are released from your brain into your body.

Every time you have a thought, happy or sad, love or fear, judgment, or joy, your brain releases the relevant chemicals. So the more you think and entertain the thought, the more the chemicals are released and will eventually become a physical manifestation. That’s why it is so important not to dwell on PAST EVENTS by thinking about it constantly. The more you think about it the more you are hardwiring your brain and pitching your tent there. There are magnificent tools to help you change that, which I will discuss later on.

BUT…….Let’s go one step further…….

You can think positive thoughts but have a negative feeling (elevated emotion), thus have a negative EMOTIONAL vibration. Your brain will release the same chemicals related to the negative vibration, and nothing will change for the better. In other words, you can do positive affirmations like, I’m healthy or I’m wealthy or I’m relaxed or whatever it is you want to change, and you can do this day in and day out but nothing changes. This is when the law of attraction will not work for you, (we will discuss what the TRUE law of attraction REALLY is, in a future article) You have to have an ELEVATED EMOTION which is the feeling, then marry the feeling with the THOUGHT.  So, THINK THOUGHTS of what it will be like not to be anxious all the time, then FEEL what it will FEEL like NOT TO BE anxious all the time. Elevate your EMOTION. It’s what some people will call, a fake it till you make it scenario. If you can manage to FEEL GOOD ANYWAY, (make the decision) as if the experience has already happened, then your ENERGY WILL CHANGE and your LIFE WILL CHANGE. You have to break the habit of the “old” MINDSET to become the “new” MINDSET. So, you have to literally break the “HABIT OF BEING YOURSELF” and TRAIN YOUR BRAIN to think differently.

Breaking the habit of being yourself is a GUARANTEED way , 

to making changes in your life that will  guide you

in the most significant way……


I often speak to people that are on medication for stress, anxiety, and depression, and I’m by no means indicating that you shouldn’t ever consider medication, but it “trains your brain” to be in a certain frame of mind that may not be conducive to a mindset change. Medication is not supposed to be your life long lifeline, but rather a stepping stone to “buy you time” until you can find the means to make your ENERGY SHIFT. The longer you use the meds, the more difficult it may become to get your mindset to shift. Chronic medication users may temporarily have a positive mindset, only to find that the smallest hiccup or challenge brings them down again. This becomes a roller coaster of feelings and emotions and a false sense of “so-called” positivity. The biggest challenge is often to construct TRUE positive thoughts again, which will generate feelings and elevated emotions. The best way to start shifting your mindset and elevate your emotions is to engage with nature in a personal way. You will be so surprised at how good you start feeling after a few days, and everything will look a whole lot brighter and you will start feeling lighter.

I also find GRATITUDE to be a key player and mother nature will help you with that. You CAN FIND SOMETHING that you can have gratitude for, even if it feels like everything in your life sucks and you just want to curl up and die. Start with things outside of your “NOW reality”, in other words, find a space in time where your personal worries and stresses can “vanish” even for just a short while, as you start to see and acknowledge the things in your life that FEEL GOOD! Think of the things that bring a smile to your face, a good memory of something that brings warmth to your heart, however small it may seem, it will be big enough to start a gratitude trickle.

Here are some ways to help you relax into a space of GRATITUDE….
Watching the sunrise or sunset.
Feeling the sunshine on your face.
Walking bare foot on the grass.
(which you should do daily to ground yourself anyway, lying down on the grass is even better).
Watching the moon and stars at night.
Listening to the bird’s sing.

THE QUESTION IS…….HAVE YOU SIGNED UP TO BE A VICTIM YOUR ENTIRE LIFE ?! A very common but big reason for some people falling into the pit of anxiety and depression is their PAST. You may have been the victim of sexual, verbal, mental, and emotional abuse. It’s up to YOU whether you want to remain that victim for the rest of your life. YOU HAVE TO CHANGE YOUR ENERGY TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

If something outside of you is controlling what’s happening inside of you, then it’s controlling your life and then you’re a victim. If you’re unconsciously reliant on some outer experience to feel good, like alcohol, calmatives, shopping, pornography, etc., then you’re addicted to being a victim.

There are many tools available to combat this “dreaded” anxiety and ditch it for good, BUT it does take some EFFORT on your part. ALL of them work really well, and some of them can even work together! There is incredible music out there, specifically designed for relaxation, as well as some amazing binaural beats that treat anxiety and depression very successfully. Some people find nature sounds, like ocean waves, birds, rain, etc. really relaxing which is also readily available on the internet.

  • There is EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) – as well as Tapping and tons of other non invasive energy techniques.
  • Meditation – which is my favourite because it has the ability to change the hard wiring in your brain. Meditation does not have to be sitting with the monks on a mountain in Tibet auming. There are lots of short guided meditations that work extremely well for changing brain waves and hardwired thoughts. (See my article dedicated to meditation)
  • Exercise – which could be subtle movements like Pilates or Yoga or hard core training – the choice is yours.
  • Dancing – tons of different on-line dancing programs are available if you don’t want to do it on your own or find a friend and just have fun dancing in the garden.
  • Conscious breathing – breathing is an instant stress reliever. Breathing from your belly, breathing from your chest, breathing from your heart…….. they are all available, ready for the taking!

I’ve just mentioned a few, there are many other tools also available and of course, tons of online workshops and webinars. There is really absolutely NO EXCUSE, for anybody to suffer from stress and anxiety, and these days………IGNORANCE IS A CHOICE!

SO…….ONCE YOU KNOW, YOU CAN’T NOT KNOW! You may have been the victim of many things in your past, and you relive these moments in your thoughts, which is causing you pain and ANXIETY and eventually deep depression, but……….Changing your ENERGY changes your LIFE.  

DO YOU WANT TO REMAIN THE VICTIM AND BE DESTROYED BY THE CONSEQUENCES? If your answer is no, then read the above again, and make a FIRM DECISION that you WANT to change your life and deal with anxiety. If your answer is yes, then be prepared for misery and unnecessary challenges.

Changing your mind is a science……

and ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY  if you want to ditch your ANXIETY!



While we have many tools available to remedy all these “conditions and dis-eases”,  your very first step is making that REALLY BIG DECISION, that you NO LONGER want to be stressed or anxious or depressed. Once you’ve made that CONSCIOUS DECISION, it’s a CLEAR INTENTION. (A clear intention plus an elevated emotion equals your creation.) Everything else around you goes to work to bring the right tools to you. The music, the book, the chat with that person, the song, the teacher……whatever it is you need to start the process of ditching anxiety for good!!