When you experience a happening or an event in your life, happy or sad, your five senses “plug into” that external environment. It’s processed as sensory data, rushes back to your brain where masses of neurons organize themselves into networks and patterns, to reflect their interaction with that experience. The brain then makes a chemical which causes the emotion, and the emotion causes the feeling. Emotions are the end products of experiences, which is why we remember the experience. This is called a long term memory, and that’s why you can remember the detail of those events, where you were, what you were wearing, who you were with, what you had to eat etc. Sad and hurtful memories cause anxiety and even depression and eventually causes dis-ease in your physical body. So then, is it possible that we can obliterate those sad and painful memories? The answer is YES!


What you do on the outside of you will cause an effect inside of you. The thoughts that are creating the feeling of sadness and anxiety are the thoughts that are working “behind the scenes”, creating your emotions that trigger your anxiety. There are circuits in your brain that are connected to those thoughts and that cause you to behave the way you do. Recalling the memories of the experiences that cause the feelings of anxiety and pain is a sure way to keep your mind and body imprisoned. Your anxious brain causes you to think and feel the way you do, and how you think and how you feel creates your state of being. You need to break the “hard wiring” of those thoughts in your brain, because what wires together fires together. So, your thoughts and feelings of despair and anxiety etc. will cause your brain to be incoherent, like a massive thunderstorm with lightning bolts all over the place. Your brain shifts from one problem to another to try to find an outcome, like stepping on the gas and the brake at the same time. You narrow your focus to that of survival, and this is commonly known as your fight or flight mode. 


One of the most commonly asked questions I get all the time from people that suffer from stress, depression and anxiety is…… “why do the same things happen to me over and over again? Why do I attract the same people, experience the same bad luck, and attract the same circumstances?” This is because your thoughts are so hardwired in your brain that you think the same thought over and over again without even being aware of it. As if your’e so used to expecting something negative, that your thoughts come without you having to put too much effort into it. Common examples are, “it’s too good to be true” or “this can’t be” or “I’m sure they have made a mistake” when something good happens or something is in your favour.

A sure way to change your life, is to Rewire Your Anxious Brain!

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The crux of this, is that your thoughts produce an electrical charge in the quantum field and feelings produce the magnetic charge in the quantum field. 

Thought sends the signal out and the feeling draws the event back to you. So what you think about, and how you feel about what you think about, is what you invite more of! No one is exempt from this……IT’S A QUANTUM LAW!! 


Your mind does not know the difference between the actual event or the memory of the event, it will produce the same outcome. The moment you re visit the event in your mind, is the moment the same chemicals are released to cause the same anxious feelings producing the same outcome…..your anxious brain! The more you frequent the same thoughts, the more momentum the frequency of the thought builds and the nearer the manifestation of it! The feeling of your anxiety and stress will become the depression and will eventually manifest as the dis-ease in your physical body, the diabetes, the heart condition, the chronic fatigue just to mention a few. 

REMEMBER, the same choices lead to the same behaviours, which lead to the same experiences. The same experiences will create the same emotions and the same emotions will create the same feelings. THIS IS CALLED CREATION! 



Since your thoughts are carried on the wave of frequency, it will be the best place to start changing what manifests in your life. Change your thoughts so that your emotions can change, then the feeling will follow so that you can start “attracting” the good stuff. The healing, the good and gracious friends, the right partner etc. Waking up in the morning is when you start to create your day. What is the first thing that enters your mind when you open your eyes? Do you start thinking about your stressful day, your grumpy boss, your back pain, the terrible traffic, the fight you had with the phone company YESTERDAY ?


WHAT IS THE SECRET:- A clear intention plus an elevated emotion equals YOUR creation. 

You knock your body out of physiological balance just by thought alone. How you think and how you feel broadcasts an electric signature that influence every atom in your body and your entire life. Here are some really good ways to start changing your anxious brain and ditch anxiety for good:-

If you want to ditch ANXIETY for good, then you need to raise your vibration.

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Create your day the moment you wake up,

before you even open your eyes. 

Here are some examples:-

* Today, I choose to be the best version of myself that I can be. 

* Think what would it be like to have a really awesome stress free and happy day. Then feel what it would be like to have the awesome stress free day.

* Give thanks for the awesome, stress free day ahead of time. That way, by being in a state of gratitude, your mind and emotions will fabricate the thought as if it has already happened.

* Have gratitude for all the blessings you already have in your life, your family, your partner, your health, or whatever you can truly feel the emotion of gratitude for. The more you think these thoughts, the more you are training your mind and emotions to FEEL what it feels like to feel good. 

You will, biologically and neurologically re-invent yourself to a new mind and a new body, by no longer allowing the thoughts that make you anxious. New thoughts connected to new emotions will match new behaviour. You will emotionally signal your body chemically to signal new genes. You will re-wire your brain and create a new you and a new life. 

Read, listen to and surround yourself with the people and things that help you think and feel what it is you would like to experience in your life. Negative thoughts cannot exist in a positive light. Visualize and act as if what makes you happy already exist in your life. You will eventually re-invent a new self.



When the word meditation comes up, whether it is in conversation with a friend or in a group discussion, it is generally perceived as something only spiritual people can do! Some people think you have to be a nun or spiritual leader or that you have to sit with a monk on a mountain in Tibet. This is the furthest from the truth! The fact of the matter is, meditation doesn’t have to be a spiritual journey ONLY, OR AT ALL for that matter. The word meditation in Tibetan literally means…..” To become familiar with” (to know thyself). And that is exactly why I meditate, is to know myself. The fact that meditation has and is changing my world and my life all the time, in ways that astonish me, means that it’s worth sharing. Meditation in essence is a science. 


Energy is frequency and frequency carries information. It carries the information of all your thoughts, your anger, your sadness as well as your thoughts of joy and well-being. How often have you walked into a place and remarked that there is a good vibe?, or just had a bad feeling about something? You feel the energy and the vibration. Thoughts are the language of the brain and feelings are the language of the body. How you think and how you feel creates your state of being. If you keep living in a negative state of being, it will become so familiar to you, that you will “become” that negative being, and the same goes for a positive state of being. Your body is always emitting light and information, and every cell in body emits energy, so if you are negative and frustrated or sad and angry, you will have destructive interference. Matter (something that occupies space) does not create energy, energy creates matter. 


You spend about 70 percent of your life, living in a state of disharmony in some way or another, (under the “rule” of life as we know it). When your’e living in constant disharmony or survival, your survival gene gets activated. 

So, what does that mean? It means, that try as you may, you will always choose the worst case scenario out of all the possibilities and infinite potentials in the quantum field, because THE SURVIVAL gene is now running the show. When your’e in stress mode, you narrow your focus on the cause or the object and on matter. You are constantly busy analyzing your life when you’re in some disturbing emotion and when your survival mode is switched on, you won’t be thinking about how to calm your mind or emotions, you will be thinking about running or hiding. You have to be able to turn of the stress response because your body is using all of its vital resources during the time of stress. 

If you are always anxious, you will eventually condition your body to become the mind of fear, and if you keep doing that enough times, your mind becomes a subconscious program that will run over and over all the time, like every time you hit bad traffic or every time your’e running late, or every time you see the person that triggers your emotional buttons. You will eventually think that you need your outside environment to make you feel good or bad about your day. 

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But when you learn how to meditate, you will learn how to deregulate anxiety, down regulate the gene, and you will soon know, how NOT to be overcome by stress and anxiety from your outer environmentYou cannot use your conscious mind to bring this change, you have to move past the analytical mind to do this. You can only move past the analytical mind in meditation. 

Through meditation, you will learn how to be in a state of constant homeostasis. So you have to unlearn how to be your old self and re-learn how to become a new you, you have to break some habits. 

You cannot change matter with matter. Let’s just briefly look at what “matter” is…..matter is MATERIAL…anything that takes up space, it’s pure substance. In other words, trying to change things with your analytical mind, would be trying to change matter with matter. Only ENERGY can change matter PERMANENTLY, (the ENERGY that “manifests” during meditation is what changes matter). You can make a conscious decision not to fall into the same trap of anger or anxiety, and it will work for a short while, but you will fall again and again, because you have to change the old wiring in you brain and create new synapses in your brain, using the energy “created” in meditation. In other words, you have to re-wire your brain. What wires together fire’s together! 

Not making the same choices is undoubtedly the hardest part of change. Meditation is a way of reminding yourself of who you no longer want to be, and becoming more conscious of your choices. You will become more aware and more conscious of your old habits and behaviors, and it will become more difficult to return to your old self. Your analytical mind will start to change and your brain chemistry will change. You will get beyond your body and your mind and you will get beyond your environment and time, and then, and only then, will you connect with the quantum field….the place where all possibilities exist.

Changing your mind is a science, and you have to evolve your brain to change your mind. Dr. Joe Dispenza explains this in very simple terms in his book “EVOLVE YOUR BRAIN” . It will be a LIFE CHANGING experience for you!



Up to the age of 35 you have accumulated belief systems, other peoples perceptions and ideas that have molded your personality and character. Your’e brain is a record of all the things you have’e experienced and all events that have taken place in your life. The way you think neurologically and the way you feel chemically is what causes you to act in predictable ways, therefore you think the same thoughts and you make the same choices today, as what you did yesterday and every other day before that. You have the same behaviors which determine the same experiences. So, it is easier up to the age of 35 to change those belief patterns and behaviors, but certainly not impossible thereafter. Changing the hard wiring in the brain is possible even when your’e a hundred and three, it just takes more effort. 

When you meditate, you slow down your brain waves and different parts of your brain starts to synchronize. The front of the brain starts communicating with the back of the brain, the right side starts talking to the left side and what sinks in the brain, links in the brain.

The frontal lobe plays the major role, and it is your creative centre. It’s the boss of your brain, it’s the CEO and it’s connected to all other parts of the brain. When you start asking questions like, “how can I eliminate stress from my life ?” or “what would it be like to have a more relaxed life ?” or ” how can I make more money ?”, the frontal lobe begins to scan the entire landscape of your brain. It starts selecting different networks of neurons that are connected to all your past experiences and everything you have learnt intellectually, and it starts calling up the different circuits and pieces them together, to create a new level of mind. What an amazing masterpiece we have available to change our lives. 

You stop thinking when you meditate, and you no longer narrow your focus on matter, you are no longer activating the circuits that fire in-coherently. When you meditate, you become energy instead of being matter! 

Just like your old belief systems caused repetitive behavior, that made you miserable and dis-eased, new belief systems can be hard-wired to give you new life! If you keep knocking on that genetic door over and over again, you are going to begin to upregulate the genes for health and joy and down-regulate the genes for anxiety and disease. You will start to realize that you’re becoming a different person. 

There really is no excuse to stay the same ol, same ol drunken sailor! or the same ol, same ol impatient, angry and resentful broken pretzel. 

Ultimately, meditation and your brain will get married. 

Changing the neuro circuitry in your brain is your goal. Changing the hard wiring in your brain will signal new genes in new ways and will wire and fire your new future.The hard wiring in your brain will start changing into a software program, because what wires together fires together. And the more you meditate, the more you will see change, and it will become easier and easier to reproduce a new state of being. You can no longer blame your aunt, your teacher, your parents or your goldfish for your unhappy or diseased state of being!

Be committed to meditation and you will fall in love with life. 

The best way to start meditating is to be practical about it. No need to make this hard work or complicated.

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To Be The Phoenix ….. Learn To Rise…..Learn To Soar !

We all have a bad hair day from time to time. We all experience ANXIETY from time to time. Situations and circumstances make sure of that. The car breaks down on your way to a very important interview… experience ANXIETY. An accident blocks the traffic flow and you will be late for the appointment ….you experience ANXIETY. The cat maimed Sandi’s hamster and she refuses to get ready for school so you are late for work……you experience ANXIETY. The stock market which you invested most of your savings in, just crashed……you experience ANXIETY. This is called…. LIFE. So, life is made up of friends and foes, positives and negatives, yin and yang, call it what you want……..ANXIETY EXISTS AND IT IS REAL. Fortunately your brain is beautifully assembled to switch gear to “fight or flight” mode at the time, and gives our bodies the correct messages that help us to return to an easier flow when the “danger” has passed. Some of us however, have trained our brain through repetitive stress to linger far too long in ANXIOUS MODE!!


According to the masters, it is quite alright to feel blue from time to time, but if you feel some or all of these symptoms on a frequent basis, then you are past blue and probably anxious.

The key to change is to Identify your state of being, identify the frequency and identify the source. 

If you suffer from the following symptoms or display the following habits, then it’s time TO BE THE PHOENIX!

1. Frequent headaches.

2. Frequent muscle and body aches and pains.

The Naipo Shiatsu massager is an easy way to deal with those sometimes debilitating anxiety symptoms.


3. Palpitations or panic attacks.

4. Insomnia or excessive sleeping.

5. Frequent emotional outbursts, like irrational anger or unexplained crying. 

6. Addictions to anything that makes you feel relaxed. Such as, alcohol, food, painkillers etc.



A constant stress response that does not turn off, will inevitably cause dis-ease. You are not designed to live in fight or flight mode for extended periods of time. Unfortunately you can get used to the effects of stress and believe it or not, you can become addicted to the chemicals released by your brain. Your emotions send a signal to your brain which releases a certain cocktail of chemicals and it becomes your “fix”. The adrenalin rush and the over production of cortisol, (among a myriad of other chemicals) will become your enemy. You respond in a certain way to certain events that take place every day. You are exposed to the same event, the same routine and the same people who press the same emotional buttons, and you are oblivious to your silent brooding disaster.

The danger here, is that your brain and body does not know the difference between a real event or your memory of it, playing the same “movie” over and over in your mind. So, even though the person that cut you off in traffic is something of the past, the memory in your mind every time you tell the story, has the same stress response in your brain and body. Over time, that stress response will become habitual. Eventually, you will start feeling that the ride is just too crazy for you, and the feeling of not coping will become totally overwhelming. Your brain will now be in overdrive and you will be permanently ANXIOUS! I

You may think that wearing the”badge” of the hero, always in control will afford you a medal, but the naked truth and harsh reality is that it just puts you in a constant fight or flight mode, creating a big pot of brewing neuro chemicals. The ferocious communication between the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland, ensures an overproduction of dopamine, adrenaline and cortisol. You become an adrenaline junkie until you CRASH, commonly known as adrenal burn out or a nervous breakdown. It DOESN’T have to go that far. YOU CAN LEARN HOW TO BE THE PHOENIX , HOW TO RISE AND HOW TO SOAR!

Listen to the URGENT message from your brain to your body, TO STOP AND……TO BE THE PHOENIX!.

Phoenix 2

Here are some tools that will help you TO BE THE PHOENIX.

1. Music is an incredible and effective way to reduce stress and anxiety and is so varied that there is truly something for everybody. Anything that soothes your soul will start to rewire the brain and that’s the beginning of change.

2. Exercise does not have to be jumping around in an aerobic class for hours on end if that’s not your thing. Nor do have to build tons of muscle, it but can merely be a stroll for you to truly connect with nature.

2. Dancing is seen to be one of the best ways to get the adrenalin flowing in a healthy way. It gets every part of your body moving and sends signals of well-being to your brain. The plus side to this, is that you can create your own “groove” as it were, and you can do it on your own or invite a friend to make it fun. 

4.  Lifestyle is super important If you suffer from anxiety. You will more than likely have an unhealthy relationship with sugar. It is a vicious circle, excess cortisol will be produced by your brain when you bathe in a stress response all the time and is the culprit for your cravings and your emotional binge eating.

5. Meditation is a super fast way to get anxiety under control. You don’t have to be a monk on a mountain in Tibet and you don’t have to sit in a certain pose and burn incense. You can if you want to and that does help some people get into the zone, but certainly not a necessity. There are really awesome short guided meditations, free on the internet. As well as meditation music that focuses on nature sounds, ocean sounds, bird sounds, rain etc., just to mention a few. (There will be a super helpful article focusing on MEDITATION later on)

6. Natural Remedies like Theanine, Rescue Remedy, Biral and literally hundreds of other very good products, are available and can be very helpful, to use as a stepping stone while you make other preparations to permanently ditch your anxiety.

7. Deep Breathing is an excellent way to calm the mind and body, and it is the perfect “natural cocktail” for lingering peace. This is an ancient technique that really works wonders in the brain and calms the storm almost instantly. We have lost our innate ability to correct breathing, and life in the fast lane has robbed us of our natural inheritance. There are so many professional practitioners offering free sessions online to get you started on this.


Your old habits WILL be “burnt to ashes” when you start making changes, but that’s necessary and need not be stressful. Each “death” you “die” becomes an opportunity to re invent yourself to a greater YOU. It is in your suffering that your previous beliefs will be called into question. As much as you would rather continue as the “old you” and have a longing for the familiar.….


The RISING from the “ashes” of your past, will rekindle the spark for your future. It will bring a new day and a new anxious free life and with it, it will bring freedom! You will know your power because no cage can imprison the Phoenix. 

Music is by far my personal favourite.




Happy Brain waves

Anxiety affects one out of five people every day and from ALL walks of life. 

Many people know that they are anxious and don’t do much about it, other than take over the counter drugs to get some relief, (and it’s normally temporary) because they don’t know enough about it, while others don’t know they are anxious and are treating symptoms caused by anxiety like chronic pain, insomnia and irritability among many other symptoms. The list is too long to mention them all. An even bigger percentage of people eventually seek help from medical practitioners, relying on them for effective ways to help them cope with just daily challengers, yet it’s merely survival. Now, please don’t get me wrong, I am not by any means suggesting that any of the above is wrong. What I am saying though, is that there are EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE ways to ditch anxiety permanently. 


The key to living a fulfilled life in and among all the challenging external circumstances is KNOWLEDGE! In this instance, KNOWLEDGE IS DEFINITELY POWER! If you know your “enemy” and it’s strategy, then YOU will have strategy and you will be ONE STEP “A HEAD” ! Knowing WHICH parts of your brain go haywire in your flurry and exactly how to use their assistance, can and will make a significant difference to your life. You will understand your “symptoms” and realize where it’s coming from.  So, let us take a look at some facts and plan some strategy to help you TRAIN YOUR BRAIN AND TAME YOUR ANXIETY . This doesn’t mean you have to go to med school or do a crash course on brain function. It merely means that when you know a little more about the main role players in your brain, you will feel more empowered to deal with your anxiety at first, and then learn how to walk in the freedom you desire. 

The following parts of the brain is far more complex than what I’m about to describe, but for the purpose intended I will keep it as simple as possible. 

The limbic System regulates emotions and consists of the amydala the hypothalamus, the thalamus and the hippocampus and sits on top of the brain stem. 

The amygdala contributes to emotional processing. When the amygdala is over stimulated, it triggers anger, fear, anxiety and aggression. When you are faced with danger, your eyes and ears sends the information to your amygdala which interprets the images and sounds and sends a distress signal to your hypothalamus.The amydala signals your central nervous system to release stress hormones like cortisol, norephinephrine and adrenalin when you face a threat. (We will discuss these hormones in more detail later on).

The Hypothalamus LINKS the nervous system to the endocrine system via the pituitary gland, so it regulates your FIGHT OR FLIGHT.  It’s main role is to keep your body in homeostasis and is thus responsible for communicating with the rest of the body, through the autonomic nervous system, which controls your involuntary body functions, like blood pressure, heart beat, breathing, appetite and body temperature. 

The Thalamus is quite a complex role player and acts as the gatekeeper…..the operations panel, the boss of communication with the cerebral cortex and the hippocampus and receives auditory, somatosensory and visual sensory signals. The Thalamus is also the main player in memory formation and emotional expression and controls sleep and awake states as well as your pain perception.

The hippocampus encodes emotional context from the amygdala and is responsible for the formation of new memories of past experiences and regulates motivation, emotion, learning, and memory. The hippocampus is in actual fact on both sides of the brain. You would not remember how to get to your favourite shop or remember where you live without the hippocampus. 

Now that you know a bit more about the amazing limbic system in your brain, you should also realize that when the limbic brain goes into overdrive, your emotions and physical well being threatens to malfunction. Perhaps you can now understand why you react the way that you do and why you experience anxiety. 

To have a Worry Free Mind you have to find a way to tame your anxiety.

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The more I speak to people that are battling chronic anxiety, the more I realize that most people don’t really understand, where the external manifestations, that are driven by anxiety come from. It’s not your EMOTIONS that cause your anxiety, it’s the short circuit in your BRAIN  that causes the feeling of anxiety. A chemical reaction takes place throughout your body that induces your anxiety. So, how are you going to TRAIN YOUR BRAIN to TAME YOUR ANXIETY ? The body has chemical messengers, called neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters are the molecules that the nervous system uses to transmit messages between neurons, or from neurons to muscles. At the end of each neuron is a tiny gap called a synapse. To enable communication to the next cell, the signal needs to cross the synapse. This occurs through a process known as neuro transmission. A neurotransmitter carries and balances signals between neurons, nerve cells and other cells in the body. The chemical messengers affects your physical and psychological functions, such as, your mood, your sex drive, your appetite, your heart rate, your sleep and off course fear. The constant work of billions of neurotransmitter molecules keep your brain functioning.

When your brain senses a threat, like being stuck in traffic or running late for a meeting or being involved in a family fude, you will go into anxious mode. A whole chain of events occurs to help your body react in order to keep you safe. Although things like public speaking and job interviews don’t pose an actual threat to your safety, the feeling of threat triggers the same response in your brain. Your fight or flight response is triggered and your system is flooded with neurotransmitters. Let’s look at the four neurotransmitters that play the most important role in stress and anxiety.  

GABA is the neurotransmitter, that slows down the nerve signals when they fire too quickly and reduces overwhelming feelings that cause your anxiety.

Norepinephrine is very involved in your fight or flight mode and deals with the stress response and fear. It constricts your blood vessels and raises your blood pressure when your anxious. The massive plus is that it is responsible for decreasing pain sensitivity.

Serotonin first and foremost helps you deal with anxiety. It also regulates your appetite, your moods your sleep and very importantly inhibits pain. Serotonin gives you confidence and a feeling of wellbeing.

Dopamine is very essential in your cordination and body movement. It plays a massive role in your executive functions like arousal, motivation and motor control reinforcement. Dopamine gives your a feeling of reward and pleasure. 


How many times have you heard…….YOUR THOUGHTS CREATE YOUR REALITY?

Most of us have the same or similar thoughts each day, “the traffic is going to be murder again, I really have to shed some weight, but that will probably never happen, I’m going to be late for work again, my partner never helps me, my boss is going to be grumpy again”…… and so we go on and on and on!!!  When you think the same thoughts all the time, it becomes hard wired in your brain. So, our same thoughts lead to the same choices which lead to the same behaviours, leading to the same experiences and eventually leads to the same EMOTIONS.  The same emotions INFLUENCES the way you think. The bottom line is, YOUR NEUROCICUITRY, NEUROCHEMISTRY AND HORMONES IS EQUAL TO THE WAY YOU THINK, THE WAY YOU ACT AND THE WAY YOU FEEL, because your brain has been conditioned with the same thoughts to produce the same outcome…….ANXIETY!!  So, isn’t it time to start thinking about….. WHAT YOU ARE THINKING ABOUT? Become aware of how you think and how you speak. You cannot expect to change your anxiety without changing your thoughts and behaviors. Nerve cells that fire together, wire together. You have to leave familiar territory to bring true change and positive thinking is not enough but definitely a VERY GOOD START.

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Our bodies are not meant to be in constant fight or flight mode or in a state of hyper alertness and chronic anxiety, as this will damage your energy powerhouse, which is your mitochondria. Constant anxiety will reduce your ability to metabolize and detoxify, hence so may people out there that “battle the bulge” no matter how hard they try, purely because they are constantly in a overflow stream of anxiety. Chronic anxiety increases cravings as well as increases your toxicity level in your body which makes it near impossible for your body and brain to be in homeostasis.

So, by now you are asking…..” how do I ditch anxiety for good” ?. The answer is simple, OUTSMART YOUR ANXIETY by breaking the old hard wiring in your brain and creating new wiring in your brain that will fire new thoughts and create new emotions.There are very effective ways to do this and it takes some work, but once you see and feel the difference, you won’t want to stop. In my next post, we will uncover the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. 



Your heart is a pump and that pump sends blood throughout your body. The blood provides your body with the oxygen and very complex nutrients that it needs, and it also carries away carbon dioxide and waste products from your body. That just about sums up what we are taught about your heart. 

Now, let’s look at some other very interesting facts about your heart that is often ignored.

It has been scientifically proven that you have a “2nd brain”, and it’s in your heart, often referred to as “the little brain”.

It has been reported that heart transplants can and often do, also “transplant” some of the donor’s characteristics, such as food and music preferences, feelings, and fears. 

Your heart has 40 000 neurons, also known as nerve cells, that communicate with your brain all the time.

Fifty percent of your heart cells are neural and they form their own neural network.

There are hormones in your heart that your heart sends into your bloodstream.

Your hearts has a magnetic energy that is about 5000 times more powerful that your brain.

Your heart has a magnetic field that extends up to 6 feet away from the body.

Your heart has its own brain and your heart has intelligence.

These are proven facts and this knowledge has changed everything in terms of how you can use that intelligence, to connect with yourself in a very amazing way, because of your sentient heart. 

Learn to synchronize your heart, brain and emotions.

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What do you really know about the wondrous complexity of your BRAIN? 

We are taught that our brain is a very complex organ and it is the center of the nervous system. Your brain generates enough electricity to power a light bulb and your brain contains more or less 100 billion microscopic cells, which we refer to as neurons, and the neurons are responsible for creating and sending messages.

There are facts which you might NOT KNOW about your brain.

Your brain has 1 quadrillion (1 million billion) connections referred to as synapses that wire your brain cells together and they actively process information all the time.

Your brain has about 30 percent of your blood, pumped, and received from your heart. 

Your brain uses about 20% of your body’s energy. Social and emotional learning changes the brain, and the brain is the organ that changes, in response to experiences.

There is an amazing CONNECTION between your heart and your brain……

Let’s take a look !

There are electromagnetic signals that travel from your heart through your bloodstream to your brain and back again all day long. EVERY single FEELING and particularly EVERY EMOTION affects the electric field between your brain and your heart. Your heart is the largest generator of electromagnetic signals in the body, and these signals affect your physical body in some way or another. Your heart will literally “beat out” different emotional messages.  The sophisticated collection of neurons in your heart are organized into a small complex nervous system. 

Your information processing centre in your body is your heart, and your heart sends information to the brain, with 40 000 neurons in your heart that communicate with every organ in your body. Those neurons tell your brain what chemicals to release in your body. So, YOU REGULATE your heart through feelings, emotions, and beliefs. The heart sends the signal to the brain and the brain releases the chemical to match the signal. 

Every aspect of who you are on a physiological level is dependent on the signals from your heart. Your heart is like a master synchronizer, the conductor that orchestrates the symphony. Your feelings and emotions can elevate your well-being, or it can shut down your immune response and rejuvenation, all from the messages your heart receives from your feelings and emotions.

For instance, Atrial peptide is a hormone from your heart that reduces the release of the hormone cortisol. It also reduces the stress in every part of your being. “Negative” emotions like anger, judgement, and anxiety cause that magnetic field to be incoherent, while emotions like compassion, caring, appreciation, and love produce a co coherent magnetic field. This electromagnetic field contains frequency, and the frequency comes from your emotions. 

All these emotions broadcast electromagnetic energy to every cell in your body. Even strong collective emotional intentions will have a measurable impact on the earth’s geometric field. Mass human emotion affects that geometric field, that’s how powerful your heart is. That’s why GROUP prayer and meditation change collective vibration.


Are you living from the neck up, disconnected from the rest of your body?

Your HEART is where your emotions are BIRTHED. Where the villain wreaks havoc or where the hero puts on its cape to rescue the victim. Your heart is the place you go to for answers when you don’t know what to do. When you decide to make your heart your most reliable guide and your best friend, you create a place for peaceful negotiations!

How do you do this? ……. with HEART FOCUSED BREATHING.

Your physiology changes instantly, and you generate uplifting emotions when you focus on breathing from your heart. The communication that goes from your heart to your brain, and back to your heart through the nervous system, improve. This opens up the higher perceptual centres in the brain, which means hormones are being released from your brain that regenerates your cells. You will feel more calm and peaceful and definitely less stressed, and your nervous system becomes more synchronized. Every cell in your body sends neurological information to the brain. 

Through HEART FOCUSSED BREATHING, you activate your heart to starts producing Atrial peptides, which release cortisol and hormones like oxytocin known as the “love chemical”. Oxytocin signals nitric oxide and nitric oxide signals another chemical called EDRF, (endothelial-derived relaxation factor) which causes the vessels in your hearts to swell,(ever heard someone say, “My hearts swells with pride” ) This brings energy to your heart, causing a feeling of elation and exhilaration.

Breathing through your heart and into your brain.

According to the HeartMath Institute, the heart amplifies energy in the brain when you do Heart Breathing. When the heart is elevated during the breathing, it resets the brain and starts to suppress anxiety in the brain. The heart also “resets” the Amygdala, which plays a very important role in your emotions, memories, motivation, and ultimately your behaviour. When your heart is co-coherent, it starts beating rhythmically and brings your brain and body into homeostasis. It takes 10 to 20 seconds to connect with the rest of your body when you’re heart and brain are co coherent, and slowing down your breathing slows down your nervous system. For more information, please visit

Here is a rather simple exercise which doesn’t take long and anybody can do it, AND the benefits are amazing! You will enter a state of coherence in about a minute with these simple steps. 

Step 1 – Heart Focus.

Focus your attention on your heart, which is the area in the centre of your chest. Place your hand over the centre of your chest, as this will help you to keep your attention in the heart area. 

Step 2 – Heart Breathing.

Breathe in your normal way but deeper and lightly slower. “See in your mind’s eye” how your breath enters into your heart when you inhale, and how it goes out of your heart when you exhale. Feel your breath flowing into your heart as you inhale and feel the breath leaving as you exhale. Continue to breathe a little slower and deeper with ease until you find your rhythm.

Step 3 – Heart Feeling.

This is the most important step. Keep focused on your heart and your breathing and find something to feel GRATITUDE for. Find a pleasant memory of a special place, a special person, or a pet you feel love for.

Break free from ANXIETY once and for all!


Bring your emotions, body and mind into balance.

When do you use this breathing technique?

This technique is very powerful, and can be used anywhere without looking ridiculous, so it comes in very handy when your’e in situation where you are feeling anxious or frustrated or sad or depressed, and you need to calm down and get into a co coherent state. It will create positive changes in your heart rhythm and it will send powerful signals to your brain. This technique can also be used if you need more clarity before a meeting and is used by many sports men and women to give them speed and fluidity. It will greatly benefit you, doing this every day even if your’e not in panic mode, as it will enhance your state of peace and harmony. This is also a brilliant technique to use just before starting a meditation. 

Once you’e starting using this technique, you will not go without it!